maleficent_mill (maleficent_mill) wrote in sly_therin,

*huge apologies*

I need to apologise to everyone, but most especially Gracey and Sev, for my huge failure to update and play as Millie over the last few weeks. It's bad timing really, I should have waited to take on a character till after the end of November. I have been doing NaNo, and with that and the rpg (which has also suffered) that I've been involved in for the last six months I've had very little time. Please Sev don't punish Gracey, send Milli on as many detentions as you like!

Anyway *blush* Milli will kickstart properly soon. Please forgive me for being so hopeless.

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Oh you are not hopeless silly!
You're not hopeless, you're busy! I don't think it's a problem.

It'll be nice to have you back, though! ^_^
Severus will probably give everyone detention, as he is A Very Giant Bastard and will no doubt Always Be That Way.

*snuggles the Sevvie*

Take care and come back soon!
I never managed to welcome you properly! Welcome welcome!

When you come back, look me up. I'm itching to rp with you! ^____^!