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School of Hogwarts

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School Of Hogwarts - RPG
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A Harry Potter Community online role-play.

(Established December 2003.)


Plot And Time Frame

This RP is most imortantly about character interaction and this is an alternate reality Hogwarts.

Harry Potter and the trio are currently in their Seventh Year at Hogwarts.

The rifts and dimensional disturbances around the school during the past year have all but been sealed.

Voldemort is building power and people in secret. He has plans for those who are opposing him - especially those situated at Hogwarts. These plans he has been putting into effect have culminated in the recent disappearance of the Professor Dumbledore. With the protective power of the Headmaster gone even Hogwarts and previously secured places are becoming very dangerous.

Nobody can be fully prepared for what lies ahead.


Want to join in?
Don't know how to role play? That's ok. We can teach you. It's not hard. If you have some imagination and like to write it will be very simple!
Already know how? Then come on and join!

How It Works
This role play will involve socialising online through a chat like AIM or MSN with other members of the community. This socialising means interacting as your chosen character or "in character" (IC) with other members. Also you keep an online journal for your character linked to this community so everyone can read about what is going on in this alternate world. If you are confused or have any questions please email the moderator.

Applying For A Character
You have to apply by email also. Please send to: the_draco_malfoy@hotmail.com

You must:

1: First of all, you should be at least sixteen years old or over. You must state this in your application. You don't need to say your exact age, just that you are over sixteen. There is adult related role play here, also noting that we are yaoi (slash) friendly (meaning homosexual relationships between characters is allowed if characters develop in that way here. Note that het is welcome as well).

2: Say which character you want. Sorry, no original characters will be accepted at this time.

3: When choosing your established character from the world of Harry Potter (books or movies) please at least have basic knowledge of them, which means you should have seen the movies and/ or read the books. You will not be turned away if you have not done both or not seen/ read all of them. Again, a basic knowledge of character personality & traits is satisfactory for now. This is for fun, not to accuse people of not knowing every last detail. It's preferable you have read all and seen all, but not essential.

4: So, that's about it. Amateur or expert, we want you. Please put an AIM screen name in with your email application so you can be contacted and we can discuss any questions you may have and see if the RP here suits you and you are suited to it.

5: The Fine Print - Once you have joined we would like it if you could post as regularly as possible. Whether through actual RP, comments on other people's journals or in your own journal entries please just jump in and RP often! We maintain a friendly group of people and they (usually!) won't snap at you if you ask them to RP! So don't be shy about it or you are likely to then end up inactive. Inactivity is monitered but is not strict. If you are inactive for quite a long period of time (without letting us know why) you will be taken off the RP and the character opened up again for someone else. If other members have a complaint about any others for any reason (such as not knowing the character at all or any rudeness OOC) the matter will be discussed with the moderator (make sure to save the log of the chat) and a decision made if you should continue in the community or not.

So it's simply:
Email that you are the right age to enjoy a mature RP and the name of your character. We can then arrange an AIM chat and then welcome you into the community!

-And remember to have fun with it all-

All characters from the Harry Potter universe are open to apply for and play except for the following:
Taken Characters
(This means don't email wanting these characters as they are already taken by others. Thanks!)

Draco Malfoy the_dracomalfoy
Millicent Bulstrode maleficent_mill
Theodore Nott sly_theodore

Harry Potter golden_seeker
Hermione Granger mione_enchanted
Grace Williams gracey_lou_2
Ginny Weasley locks_of_fire

Terry Boot little_boi_blue
Path Lovecraft pathlovecraft

Hogwarts Staff
Minerva McGonagall macgoogles - Tranfiguration Professor and Head of Gryffindor House
Rubeus Hagrid hagridszoo - Groundskeeper/ Care of Magical Creatures

Death Eaters
Narcissa Malfoy fatal_flower


(NOTE: No copyrights are being claimed. This RP is purely non-profit and for entertainment purposes only.)